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Knowing Your Value in Times of Uncertainty

future of work motivation Jan 23, 2023


In times of uncertainty like the last two years and likely more excitement in years to come, what can you do to have that sense of deliberate calm and confidence?


Here are 3 things we learn in the Future Proof course that you might find useful.


1. Reflect and ground in your...

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Are You Ready for Bigger Ambitions?

motivation Jan 10, 2023


Like most of you, I find professional success - the kind that makes you feel like you’re doing the work you’re meant to and it matters -  only goes as far as your personal development. For me that meant catching up on reading and podcasts, taking long walks with friends,...

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Are you spending your time well?

future of work motivation Sep 05, 2019

The Time Well Spent movement made me wonder, “have I been spending my time well?” 

It’s much easier to know your time is well spent when you leave it in someone else’s hands. At the very least, you have the bottom clearly defined - “I’m not fired...

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