How are you remaining relevant in transformative times?

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Do you...

  • want to¬†feel¬†bulletproof¬†in this new, global,¬†AI-driven¬†marketplace
  • want to¬†be better recognized for who you are and what you do?
  • want to articulate your value to earn more but not sure how?
  • feel like your¬†values¬†and¬†voice¬†are not fully expressed in your work?
  • want to be paid what you're worth regardless of how many hours you put in?
  • want more your life and expect more from yourself

If that's you, you're in the right place.
You belong in our tribe!

Future Proof can help you:

‚úst¬†position yourself for your¬†dream¬†role

‚ústgo¬†from hating your job¬†to¬†loving your work

‚ústmake more money¬†by understanding your portfolio of¬†skills and fully exploiting them

‚ústget promoted¬†in the company you are in

‚úststay relevant¬†in an every-changing market place

‚úď live¬†fully, be effective and contribute to your full potential

Let's Talk About Your Future


How the course is structured:

  • Weekly email with pre-reading on a specific topic
  • 3-5 minute videos to help you understand the concept¬†
  • Key takeaways, worksheets and templates that are hosted in our world-class learning platform
  • Weekly bite-sized exercises keep you progressing on a clear path to your goals
  • Feedback, support and¬†weekly/bi-weekly discussion in our exclusive Community group chat and private Zoom calls

We use the 3 Cs to help you filter and focus

Course Modules: Your Stepping Stones to Success

Welcome to the course, course overview, get to know other participants and the platform. Prior to this you will have a welcome packet to fill out and an on-boarding call to make sure you get the most out of the course. 

Forecasting for the future is an opportunity for you to think about where you think the world is going and use it to focus your efforts for the most reward.

Finding True North is about taking time to reflect on your values and priorities. We’ll talk about frameworks for success and the importance of reflecting to gain clarity both in advance of new decisions and along the way.

Defining the Narrative is about finding your story. It is about developing your personal brand to be able to talk about what you have done, but more importantly who you are, what you stand for and what you want to do. 

Telling Your Story involves thinking about how that message changes in different environments and for different audiences. We also include an optional Life Map exercise to help you generate a through line to combine different stories and pull examples from the past that you can incorporate.

Collaborate is about increasing the skills of working across people and projects by gaining a greater sense of awareness about your own style and creating a “personal user manual” to help speed up your ability to work with others individually or in teams.

Building and maintaining a strategic network includes the results and the audience and channels you can use to achieve them. It is about how you develop a network of people to make your desires a reality. That can mean key people within your company, influencers or contacts outside of it and also the people in your life that you need to make it a balanced and satisfying one.

Focus covers how you can structure your day for better clarity, balancing what you need to do with time to build for future success and happiness.

What are your outstanding questions that you wished we had covered? We'll try to cover these here and find some time to wrap up to set you on the road with some fuel in your tank and some clarity around direction. But this isn't goodbye because we will continue to provide discussion prompts and guest visitors in our group chats and the Community.

This is where we will have a goals mapping and other exercises that can set you on the path of perpetual upgrading and lifelong learning.

"It gave me the affirmation that I know myself so when something feels off, it's not me that needs to change, but the environment I find myself in."

Ilene Levy
NGO leader

"I walked in a little fuzzy in my head about the future but am walking out with 1) More clarity about my next steps aligned to my values 2) Renewed energy and hope to do more 3) Membership to an amazing diverse tribe that encourages you to keep taking small actions towards your future goals and have fun."

Vikram Ahuja
Global Lead Technology Solutions (Media, Maps, Fintech, AI/ML)

"As a result of engaging in the Future Proof Course, I wrote a book and added the title ‚ÄėAuthor' to my brand! Through the Future Proof Course, Diana provided dependable leadership and guidance. Advantageous insight was gained and intuitive learning tools were supplied, this kept me accountable to myself and to my fellow Future Proofers. I was motivated to take first steps by pinning down goal dates; then, sharing them. "

Karen Mitchell-Sandoval
U.S. Department of Justice (Retired)

"Powerful resources, guidance and advice that deliver actual progress that even the most serious of self-doubters and procrastinators cannot avoid! I now have more clarity around the opportunities in front of me and cohesion between the various projects and areas of interest that I have."

Scott Bunny
Entrepreneur and Board Director

"I was looking to go beyond my international consulting business into something with more impact and significance. I had set myself a goal to get one or more meaningful non-executive board director roles. To do that I needed to 're-package' myself, think deeply about what type of organisations/sectors, and then apply with confidence. The course provided a structure for guided reflections about 'me', invaluable support and encouragement from the wonderful people in my cohort, along with Diana's constant presence, energy, gentle questioning and advice. It's been a remarkable journey and I already have my first board role! "

Rosie Halfhead
Founder, Advisor, Non-Executive Director

That's Not All...You Also Get These Incredible Bonuses!


Once registered, you'll get your pre-course Self-Assessment to identify your goals, opportunities and obstacles AND you'll also get a 1:1 on-boarding call with Diana to maximize your success!

Monthly Expert Training

Monthly masterclasses with our network of experts: authors, influencers, board directors and portfolio gurus give you a rich variety of input and application to your own chosen path.

Networking & Beyond!

One of the greatest benefits of the course is the community. You'll be able to network throughout, as well as join with your drink of choice to celebrate finishing the course & talk about what’s next!

Why Work with Me?

I’m the author of a best-selling book about the future of work, professor, board director, strategist, TEDx/keynote speaker and entrepreneur. 

But it wasn’t always that way. I used to be in exactly your shoes. Then I started feeling the gnawing feeling of not living up to my potential while outwardly ‘having it all’ by everyone else’s standards in a corporate career that I actually loved. 

It took years to decide how to get to a different place and several years before I had a better sense of my values, how to express them in my work, what my story was, who I wanted to work with and how I could make an impact. I’ve learned a lot along the way that I hope will be useful to you!

"My original intention was to join the FP classes to help me crystalize my thoughts around my post industry career. Specifically, to enhance a scholarship program in the name of my late nephew into a successful foundation in his name. The FP course lived up to the promise of helping me frame my thoughts, explore my personal motivations and connect me with a supportive and knowledgeable tribe of people that gave me information and guidance far beyond my expectations. As a result I was able to develop a well thought out strategy to accomplish the objective of creating a foundation in conjunction with my financial planning institution that could do good in the name of my nephew. "

James Andrade
Senior Vice President at CapitaLand

"Diana's mentorship is fresh, open-minded and the professional guidance I truly needed during a big transition. I joined the Future Proof Course after I was made redundant. I was extremely confused about how and what to do next. The course allowed me to get a great understanding of my values, to know what I stand for and allowed me to pave a way to what feels right for my future. I'm now really excited to enter back into the corporate world at an elevated position, with a new outlook and feeling really creative about my approach to the job. It's been great working with Diana, I would would really recommend her and the Future Proof Course. "

Nav Kumari
Brand, Marketing & Well-Being Specialist

"After a fancy diploma title and fifteen years working for distinguished corporates, my heart wanted to move on to a more meaningful mission but I was tight with financial obligations living in an expensive city with a family of two children. After meeting Diana and engaging in her course, I started to smile again. The course taught me the tools to re-organize my life in order to make room for my side project."

Ching-Yng Choi
Financial Professional and Founder, Organic Yoga Girl

"As an Executive I knew where I had been and that I was ready to move from a success oriented plan to a significance focused path. Diana and my Future Proof cohort helped me move from my passionate, yet scattered, interests into a petri dish...and next to a well lit and warm greenhouse. My effort and attention is now aligned and gaining momentum. Diana has provided masterful guidance for our team of global action oriented leaders. Future Proof came along at the ideal time with enough structure and enough flexibility to win the day."

H. Watson Jordan II Ed. D
Founder: The Resilience Initiative

"The Futureproof course has been invaluable to me during the launch of my business. I gained astute feedback and insights from Diana and the other course participants on my market positioning, marketing strategy and personal branding. Diana was genuinely invested in ensuring each of us made progress towards our goals every week and was always generous with her time, advice and access to her personal network, which is impressively extensive. I highly recommend this course for anyone contemplating a change or starting a new project as it will provide both a structure and network for taking those first steps towards a new venture or stage of life."

Alethea Bleyberg
Founder and Managing Director at the The Learning Curve Education Consulting Ltd

"My introduction to Diana and Future Proof was one of those "happy accidents" of being in the right place at the right time. When I signed up for the course, I honestly didn't know what I hoped to get out of it. Covid-19 was in full swing, and with my younger child about to graduate from high school, I was feeling a lot of uncertainty about what I personally was going to do now that my role as a full-time parent and community volunteer would be changing. The Future Proof course allowed me to explore the possibilities I was dreaming about for my next chapter as an empty nester and helped me gain the clarity and confidence to decide which of them to focus on. I’m thrilled to be pursuing my dream to connect people who love food on my Mangia Monday food blog, and I have also been working part time in my first paid corporate role in 20 years, too! "

Beth McNicholas
Community Connector / Food Blogger / Board Member

What if?...AKA Frequently Asked Questions

You can pace yourself and don’t need to finish the course in ten weeks if other things get in the way. In fact, you can pick and choose which elements work best for you and skip the others if that works better. The coursework and videos will be available to you for as long as the course is up.

We have meetups in person in Hong Kong and we encourage people to reach out to each other via calls or in person, especially if you are travelling to somewhere you know another Future Proofer lives. 
We usually do 1-2 strategy workshops each year you can also sign up to attend.

We'll have a huge finishers party at the end of 10 weeks to celebrate for those who have completed more than 75% of the coursework and posted their personal brand statement.

You will have lifetime access to our Community to continue the support, feedback that many participants find helpful. This also gives you access to the monthly calls like Fireside Chats (Masterclasses) and/or Ask Me Anything. You will also get early notice of discounts to new events, retreats, and strategy sessions as a part of the Future Proof Tribe.

You can do the basics of the course in an hour a week, though you may find yourself wanting to go deeper for some sections. Each week you will receive an email introducing the topic and a link to pre-work of an article or video reference that will take 10-15 minutes. Then you have short videos in the course + worksheets + homework. The homework will be something like, "draft your personal brand statement (1-2 sentences) and pop it into the Community page for feedback".

The more time you spend interacting with the community and with the materials, the more you can get out of it but you have access for life so can always go back to them when you have more time or the topic becomes more relevant.

We meet up weekly for 10 weeks, starting from the Welcome party, weekly check-ins and Finishers party.

You will leave the course with a way to assess future growth areas in your business, an understanding of the values that can help you filter decisions, a personal brand statement that reflects how you want people to see you, a personal user manual that lets people know the best way to work with you, a focus for your strategic network building and a path forward at the end to pull things together and take it forward. 

In addition to this, you have a community of people that can provide you with accountability, feedback, ideas and support during the course and beyond.

This course is ideal for people who are considering how to reinvent themselves for new opportunities (including as an entrepreneur or portfolio careerist) or in career transition. 

To be future proof is to be adaptable. Being able to look for new ways to apply your unique combinations of skills, qualities and quirks in viable ways is a huge part of that. We will think through growth areas to consider for new work, your values and how to express them in your work and the story and network that can support the new way you would like to present yourself. 

If you have more question, please contact us at [email protected].

One Last Thought

One year from today, God-willing, you and I'll still be here on the planet. The question is, will anything in your life be significantly different?

The answer: only if you do something significantly different.
Maybe this is that new thing you need to do.
I look forward to getting to know you, inside our Future Proof Tribe.
To Your Success,
Diana Wu David

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