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The Future Proof course gave me clarity and confidence


Hi, my name is Scott Bunny, and I'm really excited to tell you about the phenomenal experience I had during and now beyond the Future Proof course. 

I met Diana and came to learn about the future proof course in 2019. 

While living in Asia, I had exited a business, and my non-compete period had expired. And I was committed to building a portfolio of fulfilling work spanning Australia and Asia. I had some really great ideas and some networks to pursue, but I was a little unsure as to how to put those ideas into action in a commercially compelling way. 

The Future Proof course gave me clarity and confidence, which allowed me to properly articulate what I wanted to achieve, and to publish a plan with practical steps on how to achieve those goals. There was also an abundance of opportunities to connect with other people in the course who are embarking on a similar journey. And I'm delighted to say I'm still in contact with many of those people today. And it's a group that continues to grow. 

On top of all that, though, the single most valuable benefit I gleaned from the course was around accountability. Diana has this tremendous ability to inspire and push you to own your own story, and to put it out there without fear or concern or procrastination. 

I highly recommend the Future Proof course to anyone who has thought about breaking away from that traditional landscape of work but just kept putting it off for whatever reason. Having worked in various professional services sectors and started run and sold businesses, I've come to learn that there is never a perfect set of circumstances from which to start something new. You just need to surround yourself with the right people and go for it. 

And Diana is that right person who has created and curated an exceptional set of resources that will help you on all fundamental fronts. She's also the most well connected and networked person I've ever met, and you will inevitably get to interact with some really phenomenal people.

By: Scott Bunny (Entrepreneur / Advisor / Consultant)


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