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I needed a disruption in my routine.


What businesses need to think about in retooling and resetting post pandemic is that employees are looking for purpose in their life. Are you seeking to really hone your purpose in life? As I went through the course I really looked at the values exercise. I worked with Watson to find my Why. I spent a lot of time thinking. 

The coursework was wonderful. It really forced me to think in a way that I hadn't thought about things. I didn't think I was looking to go back to work because I had retired but I wound up in a position where I'm interviewing for two amazing jobs. And I've already turned down one job, because I knew what I wanted. I’m really clear on my values. I know what to go for. 

I want people to understand the power of focusing on their purpose, and understand the value of this global community that we have. It is super special. Because yes, they're working with coaches. Yes, they have a one year program but what you offer for the price that you offer is for a lifetime. I don't know any other program that does that. It's for a lifetime. We're together for a lifetime. And that is invaluable. That's invaluable for as long as we put up with each other. 

My friends asked me what's so special about the Future Proof (FP) class. It depends on the phase of life you are in.  Early, mid, retirement, or post retirement - it doesn’t really matter – you will find something meaningful in the class if you are open to the adventure of self-discovery. 

Here are some of the elements I think make the Future Proof class unique:

  • The Future Proof community is global; however, there is an "Asia First" feel to it. I love Asia and miss my Asia-based friends. I get a good dose when I tune in for our ongoing sessions.
  • The class is never over - there are ongoing Masterclasses, Accountability Thursdays, informal meetings, a database on Facebook that you can refer to.
  • The experience offers a path forward for your post corporate career.
  • The exchanges help you to make more thoughtful decisions.
  • The lessons teach you to establish boundaries.
  • An outcome is you know what you want out of your life, or what you do not want.
  • Another outcome is you learn the meaning of enough.
  • Participants gain more confidence.
  • Participants see their energy and creativity increase.
  • Some participants learn to let go of outcomes.
  • Many participants learn the art of greater collaboration.

Personally, I needed a disruption in my routine.  I was asking “is that all there is.”  Having ten weeks with the group helped me to refocus, reestablish my purpose. I had my elevator pitch down pat. I am now interviewing with two great organizations and trying to decide which job to take. 

So, consider the class an investment in yourself.  There are 45 people in the FP group - 7 cohorts so far comprised of people from all walks of life willing to share their journey. I have learned everything from crypto to resilience, from creating my personal operating manual to visibility and impact through voice control. I've done things I'd never done before which has helped me to grow as a person.

At the end of the day is one needs a community. That is something very special that the FP group offers.


By: Margaret Hanson-Muse (Director, Strategic Advisor, Impact Investing)


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