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I made the right choice...


I came into future proof coming out of a career in executive search, totally committed to not going back into executive search, wanting to find a path to something else more meaningful. And even though I ended up back in executive search, it was not the same version of it. I did explore many other paths.

With the support of my cohort, their examples, watching them make decisions aligned to their values, helped me be really firm about my decision criteria. It was shocking to me and everyone around me that I chose to go back into search. But I can tell you, after 18 months, I made the right choice, because my decision criteria was so different from the way I did my job or approached what I was willing to do in my job for the 18 and a half years prior.

I've had a really positive experience with this new firm, because I'm doing it on my terms. And I was leaning into that and very clear about where my boundaries were.

By: Jennifer Snapp (Principal at JM Search)


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