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How ChatGPT will Change Your Personal Brand

ai future of work Feb 20, 2023

Is it just me or do you feel like 2023 has been the year of the mass-market Krispy Kreme version of AI? 

It’s not a terrible thing, considering I, for one, am not really ready for the filet mignon or matsutake steak version of it.

A few weeks ago, I heard from Kai-Fu Lee that high-school students should figure out now what they can do that generative AI can’t. 

Later this week we will debate ChatGPT’s effect on jobs. In the lead up, I’ve spoken to professors who are using it in the classroom, one kid who uses it to help design dungeons & dragons characters and of course last year I spent ample time upgrading my headshot to astronaut-warrior princess-meets-marilyn monroe. 

Building a strong personal brand is essential to stand out and advance your career in the future of work because you will likely have many more jobs at more and different companies. A clear and compelling personal narrative is a powerful tool for shaping your reputation, showcasing your strengths, and inspiring action from those around you.

How does ChatGPT change that?

In an era when generative AI can spit out generic resumes (you used to google your name, now you can ask ChatGPT to write your bio), I think that telling a story well, especially YOUR story, is even more important. 

We will start to screen out the generic because there is a tsunami of it information all generically well written. 

Here are some tips for crafting your narrative and building a strong personal brand in an era of ChatGPT:


1. Know your values and vision

Even before AI, people tend to default to a laundry list of job titles and bullet points without delving deeper. 

The first thing we do in Future Proof is to take the time to identify your personal values and passions, and use those to craft a narrative that showcases your unique approach and perspective. Your narrative should reflect your vision for the future and the impact you want to make. 

One of the driving values of my life is connection and community. My parents were big into bringing people together and giving back to the town I grew up in (Tucson, AZ). My best friend, isolated and alone after moving to a rural town in Germany where she knew few people, did not fare well. 

I care about this value with every ache and fiber of my being. AI doesn’t. 

 What’s driving you?


2. Have a personality

Your personality is an essential part of your personal brand. 

Are you formal or casual? 

A pundit or a convener? 

What do you love and what do you avoid at all costs?

If you want to see what it’s like to take on other personalities, you can ask ChatGPT to rewrite your LinkedIn bio in the style of Shakespeare or Quentin Tarantino. 

But come back to the one you know and feel comfortable wearing. 

Developing your own voice is a key element of  your professional value. 

Jot down the stories that highlight your value proposition and your personality. 


3. Be humanly consistent

ChatGPT can be both boringly consistent and also a wild card, popping up fake news and ideas that seem plausible but are completely untrue. We asked it for future of work trends and found that, while it sounded good, many were aggregate and vague ideas with no source to cite. 

Don’t be ChatGPT.

If you are grounded in values and personality, your personal brand should be pretty consistent and intentional across platforms, from your online presence to your networking events. 


By putting a hefty serving of YOU into your narrative, you can differentiate yourself from the world awash in generative AI content and can attract those who share your values and appreciate your personality. 

People like to work with other people (they do, still, don’t they?)

Let ChatGPT inspire you, help you outline your thoughts, get super creative in ways you hadn’t thought to. 

But when it comes to your own story, own it


I hope these tips have been helpful as we navigate these Krispy-Kreme AI waters together. If you want to receive future of work trends and inspiration, sign up to our newsletter


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