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Five Top Sources for Future Trends


Here is an annotated list of my five favorite sources* (newsletters, podcasts) you can read for content and context on the future, particularly the future of work.

  1. Amy Webb / Future Today Institute -  Amy Webb is a data-driven American futurist with a global view and her Future Today Institute newsletter takes an emerging tech trend and tells you why it matters, how it’s developing and offers you a scenario of how it might play out in the future.
  2. Azeem Azhar / Exponential View - Azeem takes a curious investor’s view of how exponential technologies change our economic and social ecosystems. One longer read a week and a great Wednesday charts email always provoke new perspectives. 
  3. Institute for the Future (IFTF) - I’ve done projects with IFTF and always read their monthly newsletter for the latest signals and links and particularly like their new Equitable Futures Lab, which has its own newsletter updates. 
  4. The Futurists Podcast - this podcast reminds me of the cheesy radio host duos of my childhood as they preview the news, interview forecasters, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and sci-fi authors about their view of the future.  
  5. Rishad Tobaccowala / The Future Does Not Fit Into the Containers of the Past - an excellent weekly missive from an ex-ad agency strategist about how we work, lead, consume, collaborate, all through a very humanist lens and including gorgeous art he curates for each topic. We were lucky to have Rishad on our Future Proof Masterclass as well.


Other #futureofwork faves: Andy Spence, Stowe Boyd, Dror Poleg, David Mattin

*from a list of 100+ sources I rely on from Brookings and Berggruen to sci-fi, web3 and design blogs but these are the ones I tend to open regularly to keep up and maintain a fresh and nimble mind.


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