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Future Proof helped me realize who I am


I thought I came to restart a career, get a LinkedIn profile and find my purpose. What I found is what I wasn't didn't even realize I was looking for - a very safe community.

I always get energy from it. I could be having the worst day or really tired; but if I logged into anything that was Future Proof whether it was an accountability call, or a Masterclass, I always left energized. Through my conversations, I found my creativity, my why, even spirituality. It's not what I expected that I was going to get out of it. But I was open to the serendipity of it all and have had such incredible conversations and support from everybody as I tried to figure out who I am.

Future Proof helps you realize who you are as a person, then use those skills and that energy to make the impact that you want to make in the world in whatever capacity.

* * *


My experience. I felt the energy of new beginnings bubbling and brewing when I joined Future Proof. 

I thrive as a part of a community. Get energy from others. Me at my best is giving to others. Working side by side with others who want to contribute. 

It is still hard to get out, meet new people; learn, grow, share my wisdom. Especially when I fall into the trap of titles and roles - “global, speaker, board member” left me feeling lost, intimidated. Still, I followed the energy, my curiosity, the serendipity, eyes open. 

I thought Future Proof was about my career. How do I create a business or a role that is right for me that encompasses my strengths, shares my skills, allows me to contribute in some way that shares my energy, my message?

Future Proof also provided a safe space to explore spirituality, creativity, exercise, and share my non-profit journey to inspire others. 

Future Proof is for everyone/anyone who is open to connecting with others, challenging your beliefs, questioning your values.  

I may not be able to see what is sprouting but the roots that have taken hold are confidence, courage and collaboration. I’m weeding the garden of anger and self-doubt.

I learned my purpose is to inspire hope (within me and for others). Contribute to a greater cause. Find better ways. Develop trusted relationships. 

I learned, not in 10 weeks but in 2 years, to be confident in who I am, to know what gives me energy, and what does not. My future proof self is confident, resilient, open minded. 

I know wholeheartedly that I am prepared for the obstacles, challenges and opportunities coming my way because I know my true north and if I need strength, I have a crew to help me navigate my ship. 

I may not know where I am headed but I am ready, open and excited for the journey and I will arrive where I am meant to be. 


I know myself. 


By: Ilene Levy (NGO Leader)



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