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Future Proof Yourself and Your Career

โ€œDianaโ€™s ability to see what senior leaders need to navigate the future of work is unparalleled.โ€ย 

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Our courses will change your working life for good.

What's Your Story?

Do you wish you had the perfect introduction? One which allows people to know the real you and what you are passionate about? This online, self-paced course will give you the 3 steps to source, review and write your intro and elevator pitch to engage people in a way that connects.

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What's Your Why?

Are you living a life of purpose?

Join our tribe to dive deep on values, update your narrative and activate your network to design your inspiring future that matters. Small group mastermind, twice a year with online video & tools and live online community + lifelong access!

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What's Your Platform?

What is the hardest part about building a plan for the future?

“Figuring out where to start.”

Should I write a book? Do a TEDx? How do I get paid to speak? Our 3 most popular masterclasses will help you decide!

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A tried and true method

Our courses are based on research from client sessions and Diana's best-selling book, Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration.

“It is both a curse and a blessing of our fraught times that reinvention is no longer an option, but an obligation. Resilience rather than any formal qualification has become the key to both success and satisfaction. For those of us who would welcome a guide, I cannot recommend Future Proof too strongly.”
-- Henny Sender, Financial Times

“Future Proof is a great read for corporate executives looking to reinvent themselves in an ever more entrepreneurial economy.”
- Dorie Clark, Author, Entrepreneurial You

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Your Business Coach

After two decades in corporate roles with Financial Times, PwC and Kissinger Associates, I now help businesses and individuals thrive in the complex and uncertain future world of work.

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